Upgrade Your Business With Odoo ERP

May 14, 2018


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With ever-evolving markets and new business technologies emerging to help enterprises break away from intense competition, there is no more a “one size fits all” concept. Many industries have already experienced a shift from their traditional “tried and tested” systems and one such major swift is towards the use of an “all-in-one application” software suite. From market leaders to startups, all are now joining the bandwagon of business applications to foster efficiency in their operations and drive growth. ERP solutions are one such inclusive applications suite that integrates the fundamental areas of a business, including billing, accounting, inventory, purchase, sales and Odoo is the most robust solution known for ERP development.

While you still might be wondering why Odoo is a widely favoured solution for ERP when there are several other revenue-oriented and powerful solutions, this article will help you. Here are some of the reasons outlined explaining why you should be adopting Odoo ERP to upgrade your business.

#1 Offers comprehensive sets of features

Odoo comes with 1000+ modules. Thus, deploying it for ERP will obviously get you an overall complete solution. Owing to its comprehensiveness, Odoo has loads of functionalities to offer for an ERP and hence you need careful evaluation of all your business requirements to get the right solution configured with all necessary functions.

#2 Outright flexibility

There’s no room for doubt regarding Odoo’s flexibility and ERP software can be customised to a great extent to suit the explicit requirements of a business. It also supports any changes required in the ERP solution later to help companies deal with market challenges and outrun their competition. Two aspects that make Odoo the befitting platform for your business ERP are continuous efforts towards innovations and scalability.

#3 Super simple User-interface

Odoo has an utterly simple design with elegant interface that’s easy to use. While the last upgraded version is provided with a new look, its simplicity is the one reason that still hails. The latest versions of Odoo are always made experimenting new themes or colors that will be soothing to the eyes and with different other functions to offer a great interface.

#4 There’s no other great modular platform like Odoo

The simple user-interface and the different add-on features of the Odoo make it a best-known modular platform for ERP development and integration. With many easy-to-use modules, Odoo gives enough scopes to businesses to choose the modules that suit their business and get a downright integrated solution developed.

#5 Odoo solutions are cost-effective solutions

Compared to other ERP solutions platform, Odoo has lower costs of ownership. While initial implementation costs are pretty much higher, costs involved in the implementation reduces dramatically.

Businesses that are already planning to invest in an ERP software to drive their business and skyrocket their performance over time, Odoo can be the perfect solution. With over 3 million client organisations growing their business Odoo solutions, it is now time for your business to leverage the benefits of such an all-in-one application suite and experience growth with seamless management.