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It is stunting development, threatening the economy, and transforming cultural traditions. Penhalonga, Zimbabwe -- They didn't call Arthur Chinaka out of the classroom. The principal and Arthur's uncle Simon waited until the day's exams were done before breaking the news: Arthur's father, his body wracked with pneumonia, had finally died of AIDS.

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Food and service is excellent. Best wifi in town. The furniture is comfortable, combining traditional decoration with modern practicality.

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J ane says she was raped by three men wearing Gurkha uniforms. She is 38 but looks considerably older. She shows me a deep scar on her leg where she was cut by stones when she was pushed to the ground.

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Human and physical energy cycles in a subsistence village in South Africa. Winnie Chikava; Harold J Annegarn. A rural, self-contained village in Africa relies mainly on draft animals, energy provided by humans and energy from natural resources, especially firewood, for survival. The human metabolic energy cycle in a rural self-sufficient village in Venda in the Limpopo Province of South Africa is investigated, concentrating on selected activities that make up the routine livelihoods in the wet season.

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Most people associate the idea of sex strikes with the ancient Greek play Lysistratain which women team up to bring about the end of the Peloponnesian War. But sex strikes have spanned hundreds of years and multiple countries. Infor example, Iroquois women refused to engage in sex as a way to stop unregulated warfare.

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But no more. A band of men here, known as the Islamists, took matters into their own hands last fall. The men deny that they were on a religious campaign, or that they are fanatics.

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T he dunes appear endless. Behind them lie rolling grassy hills, banana trees, sweet potato fields and thatched huts. There are horses, goats and dogs, but no roads, no towns, and the only constant sound is the crash of the breakers from the Indian Ocean.

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Only poor dirty people have HIV. The two dozen or so girls in the audience lean forward in their plastic chairs, in rows on a sandy dirt floor under a tarpaulin stretched across walls of a half-built house, and nod in recognition as the plot turns to the daughter and her blesser, a shiny-suited older man with a smartphone and a persuasive manner who bestows on her the gift of a fake designer handbag. To cut an energetically acted drama short, he ends up leaving her both pregnant and HIV positive after a few nights out, before raping another girl who resists his charms. At 7 million, the country already has the highest number of people in the world living with HIV.

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Results from the present study showed high variability in flock sizes and management practices in village chicken production systems. Although flock sizes in the scavenging production system are described to have less than 50 birds per flock, in this study, the flock size was more than birds per flock. Smaller flock sizes, less than 20 birds per flock, are described for Bangladesh Bessei,

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In traditional African societies, there was always at least one woman in the village, a teacher and guide. Parents send their daughters to her when they begin their menses. She advises young brides in the weeks leading up to marriage. We have lost connection with these old folkways.


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